I g h a r m a n

Daraa Tribes' debut album

igharman, "Villages", pays homage to the cultural heritage of the Daraa River Valley in the Sahara desert of Morocco.

Igharman is an expression of the tribal diversity and soundscapes that lie within the villages spread throughout the oases of the Daraa River Valley. These villages are comprised of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual tribal communities, which originate from different parts of Saharan Africa, Eastern Africa, and the Middle East. Each of the members of Daraa Tribes comes from his own respective tribe, consisting of the Gnawa, Amazigh, Regaga, Sahraoua, and Lkaaba tribes.

The first single from the album "Yogi Biha" was inspired by the Chamra tradition of the Sahraoua tribe, which has been performed throughout the Sahara desert for centuries.

Habib Allah

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Yogi Biha (official clip)

Sebar (official clip)

Koumbani (Audio)

Habib allah (live)


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Yogi Biha Single

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